Cot Valley hidden treasure leads from close to St Just town to the sea at Porth Nanven, or Penanwell as it is sometimes called, a tumbling stream rushes through a valley lush with vegetation.

The Cot Valley contains many relics of its former association with mining. It is believed that mining work was being carried on here as early as the Medieval period. The valley sides are dotted with mine shafts and other evidence of metal mining. The stream would have been dammed at one time to provide a stable source of water power for the tin dressing works which relied on it. A number of water mills operated in the valley.

One of the mills, at Wheal Bellan, was electrically powered at , a tin mine in the valley which extracted cassiterite ore (tin oxide) from veins in the lower part of the valley.

Cot Valley hidden treasure, reaches the sea with the Brisons Rocks lying one mile offshore. The narrow road runs right to the Cove, where there is parking space for approximately ten cars. – wonderful place to park and have a picnic ; or to set out on a cliff-walk …the coastal footpath passes through the Cove.

The valley is a famous birdwatching venue , with many rarities having been found here over the years.

Cornish choughs have been spotted frequently in the valley, as well as an array of other vagrant and migratory birds. The cove is generally made up of boulders so it’s not ideal if you are hunting for golden sands, but a small sandy beach does appear on a low tide. Progo beach, a smaller inlet to the south, can be reached by meandering through boulders on the beach at low tide. Its characteristic large smooth boulders have lead some people to nick name the beach ‘Dinosaur Egg Beach’. About one nautical mile offshore sit the Brisons; a twin-peaked islet that is often said resembles Charles De Gaulle lying on his back! They are at the epicentre of the annual Brisons swimming race that starts at Cape Cornwall and round the rocks. Due to extreme tidal currents rushing around Cape Cornwall this big swim is not for the faint-hearted!



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