The fictional family mine that Ross Poldark tries to bring back to prosperity continues to be filmed at Botallack Mine. The derelict stone engine house which clings perilously to the cliff edge, doubles up as Wheal Leisure.

The abandoned buildings at Botallack provide the perfect stand in for the Poldark family mines of Wheal Leisure (in reality Wheal Owles)

and Grambler (Wheal Crowns).

The buildings give a fascinating insight into Cornish mining history. There were over 100 engine houses in the St Just district during the 19th century and earlier. But in 1895 the entire mine at Botallack closed due to rapidly falling copper and tin prices.

St Just Levant Mine, which doubles up as Tressiders Rolling Mill in Poldark, is part of Cornwall and West Devon Mining World Heritage Site.

It’s the only Cornish beam engine anywhere in the world that is still in steam on its original site. A group of volunteers known as the ‘Greasy Gang’ restored it after 60 years out of use. The sounds of whooshing steam make seeing the engine in action a thrilling experience.



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